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In order to preserve the quality material from which the shoes are made, it is necessary to take care of them regularly with appropriate cosmetics. Besides pure maintenance of the shoes, they also need to be properly undressed and worn so that they would not be damaged or lose their shape.

  • Shoes made of leather

This type of shoe is cleaned with a soft bristle brush or cloth. With a soft bristle brush apply a little polishing cream, then leave the cream to soak up into the leather. After drying, the shoes need to be brushed.

  • Shoes made of inverted leather (suede)  

Shoes should always be dry before cleaning. The dry shoes are first cleaned with a brush designed for inverted leather, and for the stubborn dirt, an eraser is used. To protect your shoes from the rain, it is recommended to use an impregnation spray.  Shoes should be impregnated before first use and left to dry well before wearing. We recommend to using the spray at least twice a week.

  • Shoes made of lacquer

Varnished leather must be cleaned with a varnished leather cream, but first, it is necessary to wipe the dust off with a soft cloth. The cream should not be applied with a brush, as it would damage the skin. After the cream is soaked, polish your shoes with a soft cloth.

  • Sneakers

Firstly it is necessary to brush while they are dry and to remove the dirt with a rubber brush. Finally, apply an impregnation spray to protect them from moisture.

  • Drying shoes

All shoes, whether or not they have a protective membrane against rain, require protection from rain, snow, mud, and other external influences. To protect your shoes and have a longer lifespan, they must be nurtured with appropriate cosmetic cream or spray. The cream is also important for maintaining leather elasticity.

It is necessary to pay attention when drying shoes. It is mandatory to dry at  room temperature and must not be exposed to a direct source of high temperature (eg radiator, stove, fireplace, heater, etc.). Also, wet shoes should not be dried in the sun, as they may lose their color. It is advisable to put softer paper (such as a newspaper) with the shoes/boots themselves in order to protect them from moisture and to preserve their shape.

To properly put the shoes and preserve their shape, it is recommended to use a shoe spoon. In case you do not have a shoe spoon, when putting on shoes, put your finger on the back of the shoe ( at the ankle), then the foot. Don’t press the edge of the shoe with your foot, as this would deform the shape of the heel.