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When buying shoes it is important to make the right choice, so that they can follow the proper development of the feet. Proper development of the feet contributes to the proper development of the whole body.

For our little ones, it is recommended to walk as long as possible with bare feet on pebbles, because that will encourage proper development and stimulate the nerve endings.

Every children’s shoe should be made of natural material (leather), for free movement, optimal space, and flexibility of the foot. As children’s feet grow quickly, the shoes need to be large enough in the front so that the toes can move freely. It is also recommended that children’s shoes be slightly more comfortable on the sides so as not to press on the child’s tenderfoot. Of course, the flexibility of the sole and the top is of great importance, so that the child can perform daily activities smoothly.

Children’s feet develop differently in all children, most often is a deformation of the shoes, so it is not recommended to wear shoes already worn.

Wearing shoes that are too small or too tight can cause improper development and lasting effects on the bones, muscles, and ligaments.

What to look for when buying shoes:

  • Shoes should be comfortable and fit the length of the foot- they should not press any part of the foot in width, length, and height. The front should be wide enough so that the fingers can move freely, but also should not be too wide to easily undress.
  • They need to be deep enough to hold the ankle in the correct position, except when weather conditions do not allow it.
  • They need to be flexible. The sole should be easy to bend, and the upper part should be made of soft leather.
  • Children’s shoes should be anatomically shaped- for greater comfort and support for proper development.
  • The inner insole should be made of natural and soft material (natural leather is recommended) for extra comfort when moving.
  • They need to be made of soft leather.
  • We also recommend shoes without heels, so that the weight of the body can be evenly distributed on the whole foot.